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General resources

General resources

(“ * ” denotes resources available online)

Resources for the Evolution of Maize:

  • * The Big Bloom: How Flowering Plants Changed the World.
  • * Binomial Nomenclature:
  • Maize and Grace: Africa’s Encounter with a New World Crop, James C. McCann, 1500-2000. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, * abstract at: 2005 ISBN: 0-674-01718-8
  • The Molecular Genetics of Crop Domestication. John F. Doebley, Brandon S. Gaut, and Bruce D. Smith (2006). Cell 127: 1309 - 1321
  • * Native American History of Maize:
  • * The Origin of the Naked Grains of Maize. Wang H, Nussbaum-Wagler T, Li B, Zhao Q, Vigouroux Y, Faller M, Bomblies D, Lukens L, Doebley JF (2005). Nature 436: 713-719. doi:10.1038/nature03863
  • Seeds of Change. Viola, Herman J and Margolis, Carolyn (eds)(1991). for purchase online at: * Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C., USA
  • * Timeline of Evolutionary History of Life:
  • * Unfallen Grains: How Ancient Farmers turned Weeds into Crops. Doebley, J. (2006). Science 312: 1318 – 1319

Resources on Evolution

  • Natural Selection: University of Utah’s Genetic Science
  • Evolution & Creationism: A Very Short Guide, 2nd ed.,, by Warren D. Allmon, 2009, Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY, 128 pp., ISBN 978-0-87710-484-1.
  • Evolution - A Very Short Introduction, by Brian & Deborah Charlesworth, 2003. Oxford University Press, 145 pp., ISBN 978-0-192802-51-4.
  • Assembling the Tree of Life, edited by Joel Cracraft & Michael J. Donoghue, 2004. Oxford University Press, 576 pp., 978-0-19517-234-8.
  • Darwin: Discovering the Tree of Life, by Niles Eldredge, 2005. Norton, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-39305-966-3.
  • Evolution (Biology Modular Workbook Series), by Tracey Greenwood, Lyn Shepherd, Richard Allen, & Daniel Butler, 2006. Biozone International, 100 pp., ISBN 978-1-87732-988-3.
  • Evolving Planet: Four Billion Years of Life on Earth, by Erica Kelly & Richard Kissel, 2008. Abrams, 136 pp., ISBN 978-0-81099-486-7.
  • Darwin and Evolution for Kids: His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities, by Kristan Lawson, 2003. Chicago Review Press, 146 pp., ISBN 978-1-55652-502-5.
  • The Tree of Life: a Phylogenetic Classification, by Guillaume Lecointre & Hervé Le Guyader, 2006. Belknap Press, 560 pp., ISBN 978-0-67402-183-9.
  • The Concise Geologic Time Scale, by James G. Ogg, Gabi Ogg, & Felix M. Gradstein, 2008. Cambridge University Press, 177 pp., ISBN 978-0-52189-849-2.
  • The Evolution of Useful Things, by Henry Petroski, 1994. Knopf, 304 pp., ISBN 978-0-67974-039-1. Includes a comprehensive history of the evolution of paper clip design.
  • The evolution of artifacts, by Henry Petroski, 1992, American Scientist, 80(5): 416 ff.
  • Learning from paper clips, by Henry Petroski, 1995, American Scientist, 83: 313-316.
  • Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin’s Theory Can Change the Way We Think About our Lives, by David Sloan Wilson, 2007. Bantam Dell, 390 pp., ISBN 978-0-38534-092-2.
  • Evolution, 3rd ed., by Mark Ridley, 2004. Blackwell, 751 pp., ISBN 978-1-40510-345-9.

Websites for Plant Biotechnology and Biology:

Books and Papers on Plant and Maize Biology:

  • Corn is maize: the gift of the Indians. (For young children) Aliki (1976) Harper Collins, NY, USA. ISBN-10: 0064450260, ISBN-13: 978-0064450263
  • Exploring the way life works: the science of biology. Hoagland M, Dodson B, Hauck J (2001) Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN-10: 9780763716882, ISBN-13: 978-0763716882
  • The Genetic Architecture of Maize Flowering Time. Edward S. Buckler, et al. Science 325, 714 (2009); DOI: 10.1126/science.1174276; * Abstract at:
  • Plant Breeding and Biotechnology: Societal context and the future of agriculture. Murphy, Denis (2007) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN-10: 0521530881, ISBN-13: 978-0521530880
  • Maize and Grace: Africa’s Encounter with a New World Crop, 1500-2000. McCann, James C. (2005). Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. ISBN-10: 0674025571, ISBN-13: 978-0674025578

Careers in Science

Conserving Genetics Diversity:

Other Resources: