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Careers in science

Careers in science

Positions at universities (& required degree and experience)

Professor (PhD)
Research Associate (PhD, 1-2 years)
Post-doctoral associate (PhD)
Research Support Specialist (BS, sometimes MS, several years)
Graduate student (BS)
Research Technician (various levels) (BS, minimum)
Laboratory Assistant II (HS, variable experience required)
Laboratory Assistant I (no degree, no experience required)

Administrative Assistant

Possible Careers related to Biodiversity Conservation,
Plant Genetics, Crop Improvement, etc.

Molecular biology
Plant breeding
Plant Pathology
Natural Resources
Genetics (Plant, animal, microbial, etc.)
Environmental conservation

Public awareness
Teacher: primary, secondary or college
Informal Science Education—science outreach to the public through museums, science centers, aquariums, zoos, national parks, etc.

National parks, protected areas
Environment, waste management
Government policy

ELSI: Ethical, Social, Legal issues of science
Public awareness

Resources for Careers in Science

American Society of Plant Biology: a one-page summary